Monday, December 15, 2014


Christopher, Operator, Kolkata

okies the person was 44 yrs old though he looked very young. the funny thing about this guy is that he dint believe when i told him i wasnt a psychologist. he said "u know chris, i dont know whether your reading a script or making this whole thing up by yourself, but your very very good... I'm sure you're a psychologist... and if u say you are not, then psychology is your destiny!!"

i was completely amazed because i did take up basic psychology when i was in 10th standard an i even told him that i did so, but the only thing is im not a psychologist. anyways he was fascinated with the call and how everything was so well synced from one topic to another.


Operator Priyanka, Kolkata

My first call of the show was in Mannheim with a 29 year old "travelling" engineer (in that he shifted to Brazil, to Berlin, to Mannheim) who laughs easily and often, but refuses to be a gentleman and dance -- or sing -- when a lady asks him to. Oh well, one can't have everything. He's quite surprised to hear one of India's major exports is engineers, incidentally. He confesses he never thought of it that way.

He thinks "not giving Berlin a chance" was his biggest mistake that he can remember -- he moved there from Brazil, and the difference put him off so much he refused to adapt to the new lifestyle, choosing instead to make himself miserable for a year before moving to Mannheim. He wishes to retire by 40 and then spend time travelling, preferably sailing some of the way. I advised him to fall irrationally in love with someone from a little-visited country, shift to said country, have a messy break-up in a few years, come home to get over the trauma, and get a book deal and movie-rights out of the experience. This, in fact, is what happened to a Bengali woman who fell in love with an Afghan gentleman and moved to Taliban-era Afghanistan. Martin seems rather sold to the idea.

When he closes his eyes to my rather tuneless singing, he sees himself in a hookkah-bar with middle-eastern belly-dancers. This makes him a 5C in Descon employee categories, which is "Better Luck Elsewhere". He did not, I am afraid, find it the least disappointing.